A Primer on Sports Broadcasting

The broadcasting of sporting events as either an on-air broadcast of a television show, or as an audio-visual broadcast, is the ongoing live coverage of sporting events, usually through television or radio broadcasts. It typically includes at least one sports commentator talking about events as they occur. Broadcasters also report any score changes or time periods in relevant context to the sports.

In the US, on-air sports broadcasting is mostly dealt with by the major television networks, both cable and satellite, though a few stations have tried to penetrate the niche over the last few years. In Canada, the Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CPN) broadcasts tennis, ice hockey, and football to a largely international audience. The CPN also broadcasts canoe and fishing shows, as well as the Canadian Football League (CFL). The Canadian Soccer League (CPL) and Canadian Soccer League (CSL) have also announced plans to expand their coverage to include additional sports. The major North American sport leagues – the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the National Hockey League (NHL) – offer coverage exclusively to Canadian television viewers via their respective outlets.

Sports broadcasting started out as radio, where commentaries were offered during games. Sportscasters on these radio stations were often callers who had previously attended sports colleges or played various sports. Today, the commentary is more integrated into the television broadcast, which often includes a play-by-play feature that identifies who was the target of an athlete’s pass. Play-by-play is a popular feature on many television networks, including TSN and Sportsnet. A wide variety of sports magazines offer play-by-play descriptions of current events.

Some companies offer both live and replays of sports broadcasts, in addition to commentary. Coverage varies widely by station, though many prefer to maintain a mixture of live and replays. Canadian television stations tend to air replays of games they are covering; other countries, such as the United Kingdom, focus on live matches. Sports broadcasting in the United States originated with networks like Fox Sports, whose coverage spans hundreds of national and international games. Today, a variety of cable and satellite providers offer coverage to American viewers of games from Fox Sports and ESPN.

Broadcast journalism is another segment of sports broadcasting, often called sports reporting. Like radio, this type of journalism has evolved to become a strong segment of the news industry, especially with the advent of the Internet. There are a number of professional freelance websites that focus on the development and writing of freelance sport journalists. Other organizations, such as the Associated Press, offer resources for aspiring reporters and have great job listings.

The graduate students who study the technical aspects of the industry may find employment in broadcast studios. Many news organizations today hire a number of people dedicated to sports media production. Several multimedia production companies offer internships and work in studios as well. 꽁머니 have entire departments dedicated to the development and production of sports media. In addition to working in the newsroom, broadcast producers may also work in production studios or for freelance writers and editors.g

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